Guide to Flowers

Unwrapping your flowers

Dundee flowers are imported directly from  Holland to ensure they are the freshest they possibly can be  then your bouquet is made specifically for you by our experienced team of florists. Your flowers could take up to 48 hours to come to their full potential however the benefits of the flowers being this fresh means they will last longer than usual. Individual flowers differ in the length of time it takes them to open and blossom fully. It is best to ensure you remove any excess foliage if you are putting the flowers in your own vase as the foliage can release bacteria in the water which can affect the freshness of your flowers. Gerbera's are particularly affected by this problem.

Trimming your Dundee Flowers

Our Dundee Florists advise on trimming your flowers when you first receive them  this allows the flowers stems to drink as much water as possible. If the stems of the flowers have dried up the flowers won’t get any of the water and cutting the stems regularly will ensure your flowers last as long as possible.  It is advised to cut off around 2cm, and to cut the flowers at an angle ensures they get as much water as possible. You may have been previously advised to smash your stems, however at Dundee flowers we would not recommend this as it damages the water vessels in the stems.

Flowers Dundee

Its is best to keep your flowers at a cool temperature of between 18- 22 Celsius, too cold can cause damage to the flowers and too hot and the flowers will wilt so it’s important to keep them at the right temperature.  Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight or directly near radiators as this will cause them to wilt due to dehydration. Finally another important thing to bear in mind is not to keep your flowers close to any ripening fruit as they release a gas which could result in them ageing and wilting.

Arranging your Flowers

If when you receive your flowers they are presented in a vase or basket arrangement then you don’t have to worry about arranging your flowers as our team of florists have already done this for you. However if you are rearranging your flowers ensure the container you will be keeping the flowers in is clean and fill with lukewarm water.  Dundee Flowers will have provided flower food with your flower delivery, add this to the water before putting the flowers in to make them last that little bit longer. It is also advised to keep the foliage from the flowers to stop the bacteria increase in the water.

Getting in touch

Our expert team of florists would be happy to answer any queries you have regarding your flowers to make sure your flowers last as long as possible and you can enjoy them to their full potential so feel free to email us if you want any tips or advice at