We all like to see our gifts last as long as possible. This is the reason why most people spend considerable amount of time taking care of their floral arrangements and bouquets. Generally, the life of the floral arrangement is dependent upon the time when the flowers were harvested. Most flower delivery Manchester last between 4-7 days, depending upon the type and category of flowers used. However, with some simple tips and techniques you can increase the life of flowers up to 3 weeks.


Since our Manchester flower delivery service includes same day and next day delivery, we ensure that you get fresh cut Manchester flowers. Most of the flowers are sent out while they are within the bud, so when you receive them, you can enjoy the pleasure of seeing fresh bloomed flowers. Here are some tips suggested by our florists Manchester that you may follow to extend the life of your flowers. .


Check Your Flowers Daily


Once, you have received your flower you should be careful about their upkeep to make sure they last longer. First of all get a vase that is clean and hygienic. The interior of the vase should be free from molds and fungus. Your flowers Manchester should get the best environment both outside and inside the container. Fill the vase with clean water, it is advised to use filtered water. Keep the water level high to promote long lasting flowers. Make sure you add sufficient amount of flower food solution to help your flowers exhibit a healthy bloom.


Clean the container thoroughly every time you change the water, and do not forget to add a fresh dose of flower food solution. These flower foods are usually supplied by the florist who delivered your order. These sachets contain correct amount of ingredients for proper nourishment of the flowers. They also keep bacteria at bay, which is the major cause of blockage in the stem. Proper care of flowers ensure prevention of stem blockage, encourage bud to open, and increase the life of the floral arrangement. Make sure you follow the directions given on the package correctly as improper mixed flower food can actually harm your flowers.


Re-cut Stems Every Few Days  


With proper technique, your flowers can last up to 3 weeks. However, they will require regular cleaning to nourish and stay healthy. It is advised to remove flowers from the arrangement and cut the stems an inch or two from the bottom, every alternate day. Make sure you cut the stem at an angle to allow your flower grab maximum benefits of the food solution provided. Make sure you use a sharp knife to cut the stem. Squeezing or clipping them with hands or nails is not at all a good idea and can result in instant damage. Smashing the stems can destroy the water vessels and prevent further absorption. If you see any damaged blooms or foliage, remove it immediately so other flowers are protected.


In order to avoid disturbing the placement of stems in a vase arrangement, tie the stems just above the edge of the base before taking them out. Hold the tied arrangement at the bottom and re-cut the stems. Place them back into the vase with the fresh water and food supply.


Change Their Water and Add Flower Food  


As mentioned earlier, it is advised to clean the vase thoroughly before refilling it with fresh water. The water should neither be too cold not too hot. The water at 13-18 Celsius should be mixed in the right proportion of fresh flower food. Be sure to check the debris or molds floating in the water before placing the flowers. Floating leaves and flower petals can actually promote the growth of bacteria, resulting in short life of the flower.


Display Flowers In A Cool Spot


Most flowers require to be kept under a particular temperature for maximum shelf life. It is normally between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you place the vase at a place, where there is no direct sunlight or cool ventilation. Avoid placing them directly under the ceiling fan, heating vents or cool vents. Also, avoid keeping them around any ripening fruit or vegetable as the amount of ethylene gas released can age them prematurely.


Caring for your Bouquet


1. It is advised to use the container that is sterile. Rinse the container with anti-bacterial detergent, bleach or dishwasher. Fill it with lukewarm water and mix the right amount of amount of preservatives. .


2. Do not cut the string holding the bouquet. It will help you maintain the elegance of the display for a longer time. Simply cut the stems with the help of sharp garden pruners and place it in the vase.


3. In order to increase your bouquets shelf life, place it a cool location. The temperature should not fall below 13 Degree Celsius. Remember the change the water every 2-3 days and re-cut stem ends.


4. Check daily and remove the dead flowers from your bouquet to extend the life of the remaining ones.


Caring for your Floral Arrangements


1. Take a clean container and add water into it. Keep it filled daily. If you are using floral foam, then wait for it to be absorbed before filing it up with more water.


2. For maximum life, always put your flowers away from cold winds and direct sunlight. Remove any dying flowers on a daily basis.


3. Remove all the debris and leaves from the container and change the water every day.


It is important to maintain the right temperature not just inside the vase, but also on the exteriors. This will ensure that your flowers are able to maintain their elegance and health for a very long time. Usually a flower stays for a maximum of 7 days once harvested, but with the abovementioned techniques, you can make them last for up to 3 weeks. Of course, the variety and type of flower you are using will determine the maximum life of it. Remember, flowers are very delicate and should be handled with utmost care.


For more information on the care tips for flowers and plants, you may feel free to call our expert Manchester florists. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with detailed information and suggestions for a variety of different flowers. They will resolve your queries in the least turnaround time and offer help with whatever you might need.